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TYPE              :     COMMERCIAL     

AREA             :     5000 SQFT 

YEAR             :     ON- GOING 

During the mid - march of 2021 we were approached by a client with an intriguing project. Their main requirement was to create a eye catchy interior for their banquet hall which would be commercially successful to them after construction. They love bright colours and decorative interior lighting which would be very good while taking photographs during the events. They were very particular about it


Our team formulated a outstanding colour scheme. We provided many colour schemes to the client. They loved the bright red colour with glass panels around. The glasses reflected the bright colours and lights which made the entire banquet hall look brighter during events. Our team demonstrated through a mock up model of the same and asked a photographer to photograph the same, Client loved the colours in the photograph too. Finally project proceeded to the construction stage where the entire interior of the banquet hall were handed over to the client in just 3 months.

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