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TYPE              :     RESIDENTIAL     

AREA             :     560 SQFT 

YEAR             :     ON- GOING 

During the mid - June we were approached by a client with an intriguing project. The motion was to create a cattle shed and a resting space for the owner. The scheme we developed constitutes a ground floor lodging the cattle and the first floor for the landlord with a total built-up area of 560 sq.Ft Even though the project seems to be a small-scale proposal, the piece of work had its impediments.


1. To bring up a low cost and an effective design.

2. The biggest obstacle was the transportation of the materials and the labors since it was during the midst of the lockdown phase.


Our team formulated an experimental idea. We made use of the vernacular materials within the site such as rocks that were cut down from the hills and erected the dry rubble masonary walls. We also utilized wood from their carpentry for the windows, doors, braces etc. The only non-native materials to be utilized were cement — concrete and administrated only for the foundation, sill and the lintel slabs. Our team took the opportunity to explore construction techniques and succeed in constructing a sustainable and low cost construction. We thought to share the progress of the construction just to share our knowledge

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