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AREA             :     1800 SQFT 

YEAR             :     ON- GOING 

THE HOUSE OF HUM – (A RENOVATION PROJECT) is designed in such a way that the centralized area connects with every other space constructing an interaction within the household and also maintaining the privacy. The large jaali work in the N-E reduces the heat gain and also helps us to utilize natural ventilation.  The terrace is accommodated with a semi-open - lounge which will act as heat gain barrier. Bamboo rafters are placed to aid the circulation of the wind (Technically venture effect) by placing them in the prevailing wind flowing direction and the louvers is placed in the terrace level of living room such that hot air which is usually in less weight compared to cool air rise to the top and escapes through the louvers (Technically chimney effect or stack effect). Thus, ameliorating the thermal comfort of the household. The terrace in the N- E, a semi-private space that can be facilitated to look over the cattle and the terrace in the S-E is a private space with closed planning. The closed and introverted planning inculcates every aspect of their conduct and also contributes to their new beginning.

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